Connect with
People in Cafes!

O hi is an Instant Social Network, it lets you free your personality in Cafes to connect with people around keeping your comfort zone intact. Just go to a café, take out your phone Tap on app, now keep your phone aside and enjoy your food.


O hi values your time in a cafe but don’t miss the chance of Socializing. Here we are for you with TNCL, where you TAP while sitting in Café & CONNECT LATER from your comfort with all those who were there in café.

Invite your friends

You can also Invite your friends from anywhere to the Cafe Chatroom. Let your friends experience the crazy way of Socializing


How can I find Café Chatroom?

It’s simple & cool! Just Go to a café, Tap on the card of a café you are at and access chatroom after 90 mins.

How can I invite someone to Chatroom?

Now inviting your friends to café chatroom is super cool. Tap on “Invite your friends to chatroom” & chose your friends to share the invites with.

Is my number accessible to others in the network?

O hi never shares anyone’s phone number or personal details publicly. Your personal details are safe & sound with us.

How do I start a conversation with someone?

You can start chatting once you get a Wave back from them.

Do I have to pay for using O hi or it is free?

Ohi is Free! Free! Free! and will always be. There is no fee or amount we charge to use our app.

Start meeting amazing people at cafe
locally and globally

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