How to Build a Professional Network

with the O hi App?

Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday, 13 May 2022

Building the right connections at the right time could be the difference between taking your business and your career to the next level. Networking often means meeting new people who have a similar job, industry, or interests. Through networking, individuals exchange ideas and information in order to advance their professional careers. In the scenario, professional marketing comes into the picture and plays an important role in the environment for people at all stages of their careers, from recent graduates to experienced professionals

Professional Networking: A Necessity

One of the buzzwords in normal speech is ‘networking.’ Networking is the deliberate process of building, reinforcing, and keeping trustworthy relationships with others in order to attain future objectives. Professional networking is simply networking for the purpose of furthering one’s career.

A professional network is a group of people who have joined forces for professional or business reasons. Members, known as contacts or connections, can share information, which may include, but is not limited to, job leads. Networking allows you to form relationships with individuals that are mutually beneficial to the businesses and the professional advancement of those in the network. The purpose of professional networking is usually to ask people for favors and help them in return.

Building Professional Networking

Networking Connection: When professionals strive to make connections, sometimes they end up with similar faces and names. These might be folks you already know, people you’ve lost touch with, acquaintances, or people you’ve never met. It might include current or former co-workers, industry peers, or simply someone whose work has piqued your interest.

The benefit of having a network of connections is that you end up with a group of people who can help you advance your career in a variety of ways, whether it’s simply by watching their webinars or having regular conversations about where to take your career next. It’s not only about discovering the most important or powerful people in your industry (though there’s nothing wrong with that), but also about identifying people whose work, perspective, or accomplishments you like and strive to adopt

Spread the Word: Make time to connect with someone who has reached out to you after you’ve spent time growing your network.

Maintain Contact: Don’t wait six months to contact someone after a fantastic conversation—simply put, it’s not a sustainable way to build relationships. Send them a monthly or bi-monthly check-in note, depending on your schedule. Make a call and buy them a cup of coffee. Keep in touch

Being Social: Get out there and make new acquaintances!’ may sound too light-hearted to be connected with professional networking, yet it’s actually quite effective: Being social is an excellent way to begin creating a network. Being socially active has an impact on your career development. Nowadays, digital apps let people broaden their social networks by organizing meetups, joining a variety of social organizations, or forming a friend-of-a-friend book club, in which you invite a few friends to join and then ask each individual to bring a friend. You’ll make new professional contacts as you make new friends, which you may add to your growing network

Choose the Appropriate Platform: A decent social platform to construct a professional marketing platform is what a business or individual requires for their growth trajectory. The concept of networking can be overwhelming and unsustainable for some people. What begins as a well-intentioned resolution can soon fall by the wayside during chaotic times, which is why it is essential to establish realistic targets. Rather than promising yourself to publish every day across four social media channels, pick one or two business-related sites, forums, or networking applications and focus your time and effort on generating momentum there.

O’hi: The Frontier Player

Apps built on networking, such as O’hi, may be better suited to developing genuine relationships in a world saturated with heavy sales and marketing messaging. Stronger ties can be developed with a greater emphasis on helping each other, which will have a longer-lasting impact on your career.

O’hi is a casual “check-in” conversation space. In other words, it is a social networking app that uses the power of real-life human interaction in the same physical area as a café to allow individuals to create meaningful connections instantly. It’s an innovative new social network where users may send invitations to people with unique titles such as entrepreneurs, investors, actresses, or media personalities

People can now connect with like-minded people sitting in the same café using the app. For instance, if there is an entrepreneur and a person sitting next to or somewhere in the same café needs funding for their own venture, they can use the app to contact them. Social networking apps can directly assist people by waving to investors and starting work. It is not just for investors; it also has a plethora of profiles to connect with. As a result, O’hi is the first on-the-ground social network! And can effectively aid in the development of a professional network both today and in the future.

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